About Me

SelfieHello. I’m Tania. Welcome to my blog, The Comfort of Home, where I blog about you guessed it, the comforts of home!

I started this blog for several reasons, mainly as a way of reaching women, especially mothers, who are stretched to the max trying to do it all and be all to everyone. There is so much pressure out there to be perfect. It really isn’t fair and it certainly isn’t fun.  We can easily lose sight of what’s important and drive ourselves to our breaking point. Then, what good are we to anyone, if we are not good to ourselves?

When I first became a mom, I tried to do everything picture perfect in addition to raising my son. I planned parties with way too many decorations, made everything from scratch and spent my days doing nothing but picking up to keep my house picture perfect. It was exhausting. The pressure made me stressed and really short-tempered. No one was having fun. Slowly, I began to realize that I had control and I had choices on how I could spend my time and energy. I learned what I could let go of and what I wanted to keep. I feel, finally, my priorities are in the right places. I am a much happier wife and mom because of it.

I want women to know that it’s “perfectly” normal not to be perfect. Home life isn’t a pretty picture, it’s messy; but, it can be a wonderful story full of happiness, safety, laughter, love, and comfort. And, it can be all this while there are dirty dishes in the sink, piles of laundry to fold and a heap of dirty shoes by the door. Really!

A little about me personally, I have spent the majority of my professional career in corporate communications. I’ve gotten to write for some pretty amazing brands. I’ve been both a stay-at-home-mom and a full-time working mom over the last eight years. I’ve learned that neither is an easy option, both have their benefits and their challenges.

I have a wonderful husband who has supported me when I wanted to stay home and when I wanted to head back out into the working world. Together we are raising a pretty terrific (if we do say so ourselves!) son. Chloe CloversonWe have a family cat, named Chloe – she’s tiny and sweet but totally fierce. The only cat in an all dog neighborhood, she is constantly showing them who’s boss.

I take pride in home cooking, but don’t do it every night. My favorite part of entertaining (or any gathering for that matter) is planning the menu. I’m a sucker for paper goods and a party theme. The only books I read nowadays are cookbooks. I’m a recovering textile & fabric junkie. I like to surround myself and my home with cozy things. And most importantly, I am learning to say “no” without feeling guilty.

My hope is that this blog helps all of us regain what’s important in our home life: understanding, communication, rejuvenation, good food, good friends and a few key creature comforts.

In essence: keeping what works and letting go of what doesn’t.

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