Top Ten Favorite Read Aloud Books for Children

Reading to my little guy was one of my greatest joys as a mother. From his first day home from the hospital, my husband and I read to him each and every day. We had story time in the afternoon, cuddled on the couch and stories to wind down the day before sleep. Here is a list of the books we enjoyed and read most often. These are the books I have saved from the donation bin in hopes that one day we will read them again to my son’s children.

Little Gorilla was by far my son’s favorite book when he was little. It’s about a baby gorilla who was adorable when he was little but when he grew and grew, he wondered if everyone would still love him. Spoiler alert: they do! I think my son found it reassuring that he would still be adored when he grew big too.

Little Blue Truck is a fun read out loud book. It has great repetition, rhymes and sounds with a nice moral at the end. There are now several books in the Little Blue Truck series. We’ve read some others in the series and liked them too but haven’t read them all because my son had grown out of them before they were published.

I adore the entire Llama Llama series by Anna Dewdney. Each one features the adorable Little Llama going through issues that every toddler faces. Great illustrations and fun easy to read rhymes. My son’s other favorite was Llama Llama Mad at MamaI think he really related to Little Llama losing patience with the shopping trip and having a meltdown. I appreciated how reassuring Mama LLama is.

Corduroy was my favorite when I was a little girl and I couldn’t wait to share it with my little boy. Luckily, he was just as enamored with the stuffed bear’s adventures in a big department store and finding a real home as I was. It’s a classic for good reason.

I loved, loved reading Time for Bed before my little one fell asleep. It’s so sweet and gentle with a nice soothing rhythm. Save this book for the last read of the night.

Lost in Spice is our favorite of all the Skippy Jon Jones books; however, the entire series is just delightful. Super fun to read, they’re great for an afternoon reading break. Be forewarned, they are fun to read out loud; however, if your Spanish is not that great (like mine), it can be a little hard to figure out proper pronunciation for some of the Spanish thrown in. My advice, just go with it.

If you love doing character voices, Horton Hears a Who is the book for you! So many great characters packed into a such a short story. How Suesse manages to create such vivid characters with just a few words is inspiring to say the least. Plus, kids will feel empowered knowing that even the smallest of them can make a large impact and change the world.

Madeline is a quick read. Written in rhyming stanzas it tells the story of a young Parisian girl who is always up for some good-hearted mischief. Another classic for good reason.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems is a modern classic. Kids just love the entire Pigeon series. You will love the eruptions of laughter coming out of your little one. The Pigeon is a hoot.

Mo Willems does it again with two more classic characters. Any Elephant and Piggie book you choose out of the ever-expanding collection will be a winner. Personally, I think these books are just brilliant for their ability to pack so much emotion into simple drawings and words. The friendship between the two is heartwarming. This series is great on two levels: First, they are fun to read to very little ones. Second, as your child grows, they are great beginner reader books. Both you and your child will fall in love.


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