Why I chose to start a blog

I’ve spent the majority of my professional career writing for companies, you think the process would get easier. It doesn’t. It’s still hard. I still struggle with what I want to say. And when I’ve worked that out, I struggle with how to say it. But still I push on. I write and I rewrite. My deadlines are met. My clients are happy.

Despite writing content on a daily basis, none of it was of my own choosing or interests – nor should it have been – it wasn’t what I was paid to do. For a while I’ve been yearning to write about things that interest me and share my own thoughts and opinions.

It finally hit me this week that a blog could become my perfect creative outlet and one day, if I’m any good, my full-time career. It’s a space to write, design, plan, share, create and market. In other words, a place where I have total creative control!

I’m focusing the blog on the things I hold near and dear to my heart: my family and my home.  This blog will not be about seeking perfection nor will it be about gorgeously appointed homes. How could it be? I’ve achieved neither. Rather, this blog will serve as a reminder to us all, that perfection is not what matters; that imperfections have a certain comfort to them; that there is beauty in the everyday messes of home life; and, that ordinary moments are opportunities to nurture those you love.

Follow along on this journey with me. 

Adobe Spark (21)


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